happifully asked: nice blog, mind checking mine out?

You’ve got a nice blog too! Love the background. It’s Lorde right? 

Anonymous asked: do you put cream in a cabonara?

Absolutely not! If you put cream in the sauce, it is not a real carbonara sauce!

Here is the simple recipe for carbonara:

Whilst your pasta is cooking in salted boiling water, fry off smoked bacon/prosciutto/guanciale/speck/bacon in a little bit of oil. The fat from the meat will come out and add to the oil too, which will make your pasta delicious.

While the bacon is cooking, beat one egg per person and add an extra egg yolk for even more creaminess. 

Also grate a fistful of pecorino or parmesan cheese. 

After your bacon has browned, turn off the heat. Your pasta should have just finished cooking.

Add the al dente pasta to the oil and bacon, tossing thoroughly. Let the pasta and oil cool down for about 3-4 minutes. 

While the pasta is cooling, beat the eggs and parmesan together with a generous pinch of pepper. Do not add salt now. The cheese and bacon is already salty and your pasta was seasoned in the water. You can add salt after the dish is finished if you like it more salty.

Pour the egg mixture into the warm-hot pasta, stirring constantly and immediately. If you want a loose sauce, add a couple spoons of the pasta water. Keep stirring until evenly coated. 

Serve with extra grated cheese and pepper. 

Here it is! My first full attempt at ramen. For those of you who haven’t been in touch with me personally, I’ve been working on a special project: Project Ramen. I’ve been experimenting and researching different cooking methods, tasting ramen, researching what maximises taste and how ramen has developed. 

Why have I been obsessed with ramen recently? Because it is one of those dishes that reinforces the idea that simple cooking has the power to transport you to a place of comfort, satisfaction, happiness, and also has the power to be incredibly special. Not everything needs a foam or espuma of this or that, or some extravagant use of test tubes, nitrogen and ingredients people cannot even pronounce. 

What’s the basis of ramen? Chicken and pork broth. That’s it. But that’s not to say that we should always stick to old methods all the time. While I am a cook that immensely appreciates, respects and loves tradition, I also love mixing things up. My ramen project has allowed me to be so creative in how to get the maximum flavour and umami out of the simplest, inexpensive ingredients. What a pleasure it has been to start this project.

The verdict on contestant #1? The stock is beautifully tasty, it has a meatiness to it that really comforts the soul. I’ve used the wrong type of noodle, opting for a chinese, white flour style noodle that didn’t carry the flavour well enough. I steamed the pork belly rather than roasting it, producing a lovely soft and buttery texture. I think I prefer the pork this way as opposed to cha shu. The biggest let down was the noodles. I also wish to improve the colour and taste of the stock. While tasty and meaty, I believe I should have much more of a chicken flavour come through. It was very important to have the pork flavour in there to balance out the sweetness of the chicken. 

tzekomah asked: Hi Teddy, Travel4Food lead me to your blog for all the good food in Sydney. I will be visiting your city for a couple of days before enroute to Brisbane next month (20-22 May) so I will be looking on your blog for food recommendations.. cheers!

Welcome! Also, a big thank you to Travel4Food for recommending my blog. It is very much appreciated. 

I hope you enjoy your time in Sydney, and depending on what you feel like doing while you are here, there are many food gems to discover.

If you are spending a day shopping in the city, Westfield Food Court on Pitt Street Mall has an assortment of delicious and upper class fast food places. This level is also known as “Food on Five”. Ippudo serves delicious ramen and other Japanese delights. (Go to fillmytummy-goodeats,tumblr.com for a review on some of the dishes. Another gem just around the corner from Ippudo on the food court level is Jones the Grocer which serves some real nice deli/bistro style food and has a fine food market attached. If you have a sweet tooth the famous Becasse Bakery is still open (although the legendary Becasse by Justin North has closed) and there’s a Max Brenner for all your chocolate cravings!

Should you find yourself in the shopping district of Chatswood, try the popular Malaysian chain, Papa Rich on Archer Street. Din Tai Fung, a delicious dumpling place, has opened at the bottom of Westfield Chatswood too! 

If you’re up for a casual night out with absolutely delicious drinks and amazing food, please check out the Surry Hills area. Also check out Newtown! Both of these suburbs are easily accessible by train and with a little bit of walking from Central Station in Sydney CBD. 

Good Eats by Fill My Tummy will be updated with more restaurant reviews and suggestions. So keep an eye out!

Might also suggest…. Grab Your Fork Blog for a comprehensive directory of food places around Sydney and other areas! 

My Graduation Dinner

I awoke early on the day of my graduation and went to the Sydney Fish Markets. I loved it. I bought all the seafood I really loved. After my graduation I rushed home to start preparing the family’s feast. 

Mini Lobster Rolls - the lobster is cooked in garlic butter, squeezed into a hot toasted roll and garnished with smoked paprika and coriander.

Mediterranean Seared Tuna and Baby Octopus - tender octopus and beautifully crusted and seared tuna is dressed with garlic, oregano, chili, parsley, thyme, marjoram, lemon, salt and pepper, and olive oil. 

Mum’s Garlic and Chilli Pippies - Mum made me a delicious mountain of fat, tender pippies dressed in asian flavours with the garlic and chilli amped wayyyy up, just the way I like it. 

Seared Hotate Nigiri - One of my ultimate favourite foods is scallop sushi and sashimi. I love scallops, prawn and cuttlefish raw. Whenever my brother and I go out for sushi we eat a lot of the seared scallop nigiri. However I don’t really like the mayo or sweet sauces they use so in my home made version I used fresh Queensland Scallops, glazed with a soy mirin and garlic dressing I made, and then torched. It could have used a little more burning action though!

Mum also made this jumbo prawn and noodle stir fry. Oh my GOD IT WAS DIVINE. The prawns are coated in potato flour and then deepfried until crispy. The prawn oil is then used to stir-fry these handmade noodles (thanks Aunty!).

I also made a sashimi plate with the extra tuna, scallops and cuttlefish. There were cooked tiger prawns too which we devoured in my ‘Cheat Thousand Island Sauce’. We enjoyed fresh oysters too!  

What an evening!! It was incredible and let’s be honest… there was way too much food. I’ve been tucking into leftovers for days.